The All-In-One Database

CedarDB is a relational-first database system that delivers best-in-class performance for all your workloads, from transactional to analytical to graph, accessible through PostgreSQL’s tools and SQL dialect.

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    Experience Performance without Compromise

    One System for All Your Data

    CedarDB is built from the ground up to deliver best-in-class performance for all your use cases in a single, unified system. Whether you want to work with your data as tables, graphs, streams, semi-structured documents, or all of the above, CedarDB is the right system for you.

    Effortless Maintenance and Performance

    CedarDB simplifies deployment and maintenance regardless of your operating environment. Forget tedious parameter tuning; CedarDB easily adapts to your hardware and workloads, delivering lightning-fast analytical queries on large data sets and low latency for interactive workloads.

    Built on a Decade of Research

    CedarDB builds on a decade of research at the Technical University of Munich under the project name Umbra and combines numerous innovations that have been recognized by the research community worldwide. Many of CedarDB’s innovations are published at leading conferences and are available to all.

    Hassle-Free Integration

    Adopting a new system has never been easier, with no need to learn new tools or SQL grammar. CedarDB implements PostgreSQL’s SQL grammar and protocol, so you can move seamlessly to CedarDB wherever PostgreSQL can be used. CedarDB offers compatibility with a wide range of tools and adapters designed for PostgreSQL, with more on the way!

    Complex Analytics Made Simple

    CedarDB enables the efficient execution of arbitrarily complex queries. Using state-of-the-art optimization techniques and continuously updated data statistics, we deliver exceptional performance for even the most complicated queries and tasks, including correlated subqueries, nested types such as JSON data, and complex window functions, eliminating the need for manual query tuning by users.

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