Simplicity for your Data-Driven Decisions

Experience the future of database systems with CedarDB – where powerful analytics meet transactional performance. Form your business-critical decisions in one unified system that is both easy to use and maintain.

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Elevate your data experience with CedarDB

Welcome to the future of data management with CedarDB – a lightning-fast SQL-based analytical and transactional database system that leaves no room for compromise.

No ETL delay on arriving data

Complex decisions on a single state

As versatile as your workloads

Unparalleled performance

Say farewell to ETL hassles as CedarDB empowers you to work directly on your data as it arrives. Get instant insights into all your data, courtesy of CedarDB's efficient query engine and sophisticated optimizer.
Forget about syncing data across numerous specialized systems – CedarDB keeps up with even the most advanced stream- and graph-processing systems effortlessly, providing you with a singular, easy-to-maintain source of truth for all your decisions.

CedarDB integrates into your data stack with ease

Move in at your own pace

Adopting a new system has never been easier. With CedarDB's integration of PostgreSQL's logical replication protocol, getting started with live data is a matter of few clicks, allowing you to maintain your trusted source of truth until you're fully convinced. Start benefiting from advanced analytics with CedarDB without worry or disruption.

Query like it's PostgreSQL

No need to learn new tools or SQL grammar. CedarDB implements PostgreSQL's SQL grammar and server protocol, enabling you to seamlessly transition to CedarDB wherever PostgreSQL can be used. CedarDB offers compatibility with a wide array of tools and adapters designed for PostgreSQL, with more on the way!

A breeze to manage

CedarDB simplifies deployment and maintenance, regardless of your operating environment. Forget about tedious parameter tuning; CedarDB effortlessly adjusts to your hardware and workload, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for your platfrom engineers.

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