Database Expertise @ CedarDB

CedarDB is a spin-off from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), to enable data-driven decisions in a single system. The underlying technology is based on more than seven years of research on high-performance database management systems, developed by the founding team.

Moritz Sichert, CEO, Co-Founder

Our CEO, Moritz, combines a solid technical background with savvy entrepreneurial skills. His doctoral research at TUM focused on seamlessly integrating diverse programming languages with SQL, aiming for zero overhead. Alongside his technical expertise, Moritz developed a keen interest in business leadership, underlined by his pursuit of an economics degree and previous role as CFO of a small IT business.

Dominik Durner, Head of Cloud Technology, Co-Founder

Dominik has strong expertise in the intersection of cloud infrastructure and database systems. He pursued a Ph.D. in Computer Science at TUM, holds a degree in Technology Management from CDTM, and gained practical experience at SAP and Microsoft. Dominik is passionate about transforming cloud-based analytics, as exemplified by his work on high-performance and cost-effective storage engines, smart caching strategies, and novel approaches to accelerate semi-structured data analytics.

Philipp Fent, Head of Database Technology, Co-Founder

Philipp developed key components of our database product. The mastermind behind our query optimizer and our compiling execution engine also works tirelessly to improve the performance and correctness of our product. "The only good bug is a dead bug!"

Dr. Lukas Vogel, Head of Operations, Co-Founder

Lukas is an expert in storage solutions for both relational database systems and key value stores. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from TUM and a master's degree in Software Engineering from TUM, LMU, and the University of Augsburg through the Elite Network of Bavaria. His Ph.D. delved into adapting modern storage hardware and CPUs for database sytems, complemented by industry insights gained during his time at Salesforce.

Dr. Christian Winter, Head of Product, Co-Founder

Christian's passion lies in the intersection of dynamic data and environments with relational database systems. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from TUM and a master's degree in Software Engineering through the Elite Network of Bavaria. In addition to his Ph.D. research on in-database stream processing and cloud-based data processing, he gained industry insights at Oracle Labs.

Prof. Alfons Kemper, Ph.D., Advisor

Alfons Kemper is a distinguished computer scientist and professor for database systems at TUM. He made significant advancements to the development of object and in-memory database management systems and won multiple awards in the area of database management systems. Together with Thomas, he invented and successfully commercialized HyPer. His contributions to the field led to his appointment as an ACM Fellow.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Neumann, Advisor

Thomas Neuamnn is professor for Data Science and Engineering at TUM. He is known for his work on query optimization and efficient query processing. Thomas invented HyPer, which pioneered compiling database systems and was later sold to Tableau, and is leading the development of its successor, Umbra. Thomas is the recipient of the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize (highest national award) and several awards from the database systems research community.

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