Reference: Array Types

CedarDB supports variable-length arrays, similar to PostgreSQL. Arrays can have arbitrary underlying types, e.g, int[] or text[], and an arbitrary number of dimensions. Similar to PostgreSQL, the length and dimensions of an array column do not need to be uniform.

Usage Example

create table example (
    numbers int[],
    strings text[]
insert into example 
    values (array [1, 2, 3], array ['a', 'b', 'c']),
           ('{{1, 3}, {3, 4}}', '{{"a", "b"},{"c", "d"}}');
select * from example;
    numbers    |    strings    
 {1,2,3}       | {a,b,c}
 {{1,3},{3,4}} | {{a,b},{c,d}}
(2 rows)


Contrary to most programming languages, access to arrays is 1-indexed:

with data(a) as (values (array[1, 2, 3]))
select a[1] as first from data;
(1 row)

CedarDB supports arrays with a maximum of 4 GB of underlying data. For most data types, this limits array to about one billion elements.

select array_fill('x', array[1000000000]);
ERROR:   string length overflow