Reference: Create Role Statement

Create role allows adding new database roles. A role in SQL is an abstraction over users (which can log in) and groups (which bundle permissions).

Usage example:

-- Create a new user
create role dbuser login with password '1234';
-- Create user implies a "login" role
create user admin with createdb createrole password 'admin';


The create role statement can be used with multiple of the following options. Direct options can be specified for both create and alter role:

  • superuser, nosuperuser
  • createdb, nocreatedb
  • createrole, nocreaterole
  • inherit, noinherit
  • login, nologin
  • replication, noreplication
  • connection limit connlimit (currently not enforced)
  • password ‘password’, password null

When creating a new role, you can additionally specify the hierarchy of its group memberships:

  • in role role_name, …
  • role role_name, …
  • admin role_name, …


To create a role, you need to have superuser or createrole permissions.