CedarDB Enables Data-Driven Decisions

Current data pipelines are complex, slow, and brittle, costing companies millions of dollars every day. The best decisions can only be made in a holistic system!

The best decisions can only be made in a holistic system!

No more ETL delays for your decisions

Base all your business-critical decisions on all available information. CedarDB considers all data for your decisions instantly without ETL delays.

Synchronized decisions on a single state

No need to manually harmonize your data across multiple single-purpose systems. CedarDB guarantees that decisions are made on consistent data.

As versatile as your workload requirements

CedarDB outperforms the best domain-specific systems for graphs, streams, and analytical query processing in their respective domain.

Keep the best of your stack with our risk-free integration!

Easy to Explore

CedarDB will shortly be available as a cloud container for you to evaluate. All PostgreSQL-Tools are compatible with CedarDB out of the box, allowing easy integration into your existing data pipeline.

No Data Risk

CedarDB does not need exclusive management of business-critical data and instead synchronizes with existing PostgreSQL instances through the replication protocol.

Supporting your ML & AI pipelines

CedarDB branches to ML-pipelines, graph & stream processing. CedarDB can be the one-stop-solution for all company data.

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